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I have worked with Rick Tucker and his staff for over 12 years through the company I work with. He also handles my personal policies and has done so for at least 10 years.  I have experienced excellent service and advice for any issue of concern.

My company requires insurance certificates to be forwarded to our customers, bonds for large contracts, and our annual corporate insurance coverages.  There are also many cases of “special needs” that have to be addressed on an individual basis.  Rick has always been available to discuss these issues and recommend solutions that we have followed.  Over time those decisions have proven to be good for our company.  Also, one of my job responsibilities is to be sure we have the necessary coverage in place when needed and to predict what we will need on an annual basis.  Through Rick’s knowledge and guidance we have been sufficiently insured with no surprise at audit time.

I would highly recommend Rick Tucker to anyone who is looking for an honest and reliable person/company to handle their insurance needs.



Eliminate surprises with pay as you go Worker’s Compensation Insurance.